Shot Location: Part 1

In the two previous blog posts we have explained how we, in TSA, use principles from behavioral science in order to optimize our ability to communicate useable information to professional football players. Furthermore, we have explained in the previous posts that we use a specific model of a football pitch (se the post Behavioral science)Continue reading “Shot Location: Part 1”

Behavioral science

The term behavioral science can refer to multiple scientific subjects such as behavioral design or nudging, which, generally seen, treat the issue of changing the behavior of people through the environment. An example of this can be the yellow lines in the train stations, which are to prevent people from standing too close to theContinue reading “Behavioral science”


If you are following professional football – whether it implies being a fan, watching games regularly or similar – you most likely have not failed to notice the growing number of specialists and analysts working in the industry.  But have you ever asked yourself the question “what are these people actually doing?” – or theContinue reading “Introduction”